Great Alpine Road

I’m taking a Great Alpine Road two-day trip (Melbourne-Mansfield-Wangaratta-Omeo-Bairnsdale-Yarram-Leongatha-Melbourne) on the weekend of Nov 17-18. It’ll be a 950km round trip with stops for tasty nommage (wine, cheese, all that kind of thing).

Interested in coming along? Let me know.


Well, it looks like I didn’t need to replace these bushings after all.

This is the rear swaybar you’re looking at, covered in a decade’s worth of road grime.

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More repairs

Rego time is coming up.

Boo enjoys the countryside!

Sadly, the list of little niggles in the Boxster is adding up. Time for more fixes. Here’s what I need to budget for:

  • new rear swaybar bushings – the existing ones have play
  • replacement gearbox/diff oil as I’m pretty sure the stuff in there is from 2003
  • a new CV joint to replace the leaking one
  • a clutch overhaul to stop the annoying creaking sound when it gets hot

Right now there’s no question of paying for everything at once, so I’m going to stagger repairs over the next 12 months. Everything except the clutch job will be cheap, but my savings account is pretty small right now, and renewing registration will eat almost all of it.

iPad 3 predictions

Same price point
Retina display
Dual-core (not quad-core) CPU.
The same or similar cameras (i.e., not an 8Mpx one like the iPhone 4S)
1Gb RAM (with that many pixels I think it’s time)
Siri? Probably.

Let’s see how I do.


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If you’re not sure what maintenance has been done on a car you’ve just bought it’s sensible to replace all the regular wear items just in case, especially given how cheap they are.

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I figure I might as well use this blog to document some of the things I’m doing with the new (old) car.

Here’s how it looked on the day that I first went to have a look at it.

2003 Boxster S

It was a 2003 Boxster S with about 32,000kms on the clock. The exterior was in virtually perfect condition, the interior not far behind. My brother came with me to have a quick look at the mechanicals and said it looked okay to him. The previous owner had put brand new brake pads on it to pass the roadworthy, which made the test drive a bit exciting as they hadn’t quite bedded in yet… oops!

Obvious faults that I noticed were a rattle in the exhaust (which my brother tracked down to a loose heat shield bolt) and broken clips in the wind blocker behind the seats – both of which would be cheap fixes that I could do myself.

I was worried that the Porsche hadn’t had an oil change in two years. I asked the owner to change the oil during the roadworthy test.

Long story short, I bought it. More in a bit!